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JavaScript check if date is weekend or public holiday

13-06-2022 door Roy de Kleijn

Sometimes it is required to check if a certain date is a public holiday or day i...

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Travel the World: by using the geolocation override provided by Selenium 4

30-11-2021 door Roy de Kleijn

Location-based features are always a challenge to test. Of course, you can get o...

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Integrate JMeter performance tests with Azure DevOps controlled by an Azure Pipeline

06-06-2021 door Roy de Kleijn

This blog post describes how to integrate JMeter performance tests with Azure De...

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How to test an IoT device? Which can't receive 'normal' inputs?

07-07-2020 door Roy de Kleijn

Testsmith (in collaboration with Specialisterren) is fortunate to test a brand-n...

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24-10-2019 door Roy de Kleijn

For the third time, I was invited to the TAPOST (Theory and Practice of Software...

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Test Automation in Istanbul

18-06-2019 door Roy de Kleijn

Testsmith got the opportunity to deliver a Test Automation Training in Istanbul....

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