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Test Automation

My experience with test automation helps your organization to test more efficiently and decrease the time needed for the execution of regression tests. Test automation can be implemented at different layers, such as mobile/web or via web services. It is essential to implement the right test at the right level so that you end up with rapid and robust tests. Testsmith can help to automate regression tests.

My knowledge is not limited to a single tool, as I believe you have to select and use the right tools to achieve a specific solution.

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Do you want to accelerate, release more often, or eliminate manual tasks without compromising quality? Besides test automation, I implemented build pipelines to various clients. The big advantage is that you can subject the software to a number of quality checks after every commit or merge and thus prevent a non-working application being deployed on your test, acceptance, or even production environment.

Performance Testing

A new application, rebuild, or just gain insight into the performance of your application? Testsmith can also help with this! I have experience with both server-side and client-side performance measurements, so in addition to server-response times, the user experience can also be measured.

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In addition to regular assignments, I also give training. Look at the training overview page to get an idea of the courses I teach.

Roy de Kleijn


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