Performance Testing

Testsmith can help perform a full performance test to identify possible bottlenecks in the system and find the upper limits of the system capacity. We can also measure relative performance overnight or after different releases, so we can analyze which code change creates performance issues.

With a performance test, the number of concurrent users will increase in a controlled manner. A performance test provides insight into the limitations and bottlenecks of the system. The following types of performance testing can be considered: stress (limits of the system), peak (prompt peak load), duration (extensive test), and load (realistic load).

Relative performance measurements, run by a small number of concurrent users, give you an understanding of the performance impact of the new code implemented. You don’t need advanced hardware specifications of the load injector because this test can be run with a small number of concurrent users. So, this type of test is cheaper in terms of hardware, but it also allows you to run it more often.

Please contact us for performance testing.