Uncover Layout Issues Across Browsers With Browserstack Live

12-01-2024 door Roy de Kleijn

In the intricate world of web development, ensuring that a website maintains a consistent layout and appearance across various browsers is a significant challenge. Different browsers interpret CSS and HTML in their unique ways, often leading to layout issues that can significantly impact user experience. This is where BrowserStack Live steps in as a critical tool for developers and testers, enabling them to identify and fix layout discrepancies across multiple browsers efficiently.

Tackling Layout Issues with BrowserStack Live

BrowserStack Live provides a comprehensive environment to test websites on different browsers and operating systems. This ability is essential for uncovering layout issues that might not be visible in the developer's primary testing environment.

Demonstrating Layout Issue Identification: A Case Study

Let's walk through a demo using our website,, which intentionally implements several layout issues in different browsers to showcase how BrowserStack Live can be used effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Checking on Edge and Firefox:
    • Issue: Product titles are aligned to the right.
    • BrowserStack Live Usage: Open the website in Edge and Firefox through BrowserStack Live and navigate to the product pages to observe the alignment issues.
  • Checking on Chrome:
    • Issue: Favorite button is overlapping.
    • BrowserStack Live Usage: Open the site on Chrome. Navigate to pages where the favorite button is featured to see the overlap issue.
  • Edge-Specific Issues:
    • Issue: Category page titles are wrongly aligned.
    • Action: Access the category pages on Edge using BrowserStack Live to identify the misalignment.
  • Firefox Layout Issues:
    • Issues:
      • Product titles do not wrap.
      • Some images are not displayed on the product overview page.
    • Action: Navigate through the website on Firefox with BrowserStack Live, paying special attention to product titles and image displays.
  • Chrome and Firefox Comparison on the Product Overview Page:
    • Chrome Issue: Some images are not shown.
    • Firefox Issue: Product titles do not wrap.
    • Action: Open the product overview page on both browsers via BrowserStack Live and compare the layout and element visibility.
  • Rental Overview Page on Firefox and Edge:
    • Issues:
      • Some images are not shown.
      • Product names are centered (specific to Chrome).
    • Action: Analyze the rental overview pages on these browsers to see the discrepancies in image display and text alignment.

The Importance of Cross-Browser Testing

This demonstration emphasizes the necessity of cross-browser testing. By using BrowserStack Live, developers and testers can quickly identify and rectify layout issues that could otherwise go unnoticed until reported by end-users. This proactive approach ensures a consistent and polished user experience across all browser platforms.

Explore Cross-Browser Consistency with BrowserStack Live

Interested in enhancing your website's appearance across various browsers? Consider BrowserStack Live for effective layout testing.