Exploring The Geolocation Feature Of Browserstack Live

09-01-2024 door Roy de Kleijn

Web applications serve a worldwide audience, making it essential to ensure that location-based features operate properly. BrowserStack Live's Geolocation feature is a powerful tool for developers and testers aiming to verify the functionality of such features across different global locations. In this blog post, we'll explore the capabilities of this feature with a practical demonstration.

What is the Geolocation Feature in BrowserStack Live?

The Geolocation feature in BrowserStack Live allows you to test your web applications as if you were accessing them from different geographical locations. This feature is handy for testing location-based content, currency changes, language adjustments, and regional promotions or discounts.

Demo: Testing Location-Based Discounts on


We have a web application,, which offers location-based discounts. The discounts vary based on the user's geographical location. Our goal is to test this feature using BrowserStack Live's Geolocation capability.

Steps for the Demo

  1. Accessing the Site: First, we open using BrowserStack Live, which allows us to simulate the website access from different global locations.
  2. Enabling Geolocation: We log in as an admin to enable the Geolocation feature. This step is crucial to accurately simulating various geographical locations.
  3. Testing Different Locations:
    • New York: We set our location to New York and expect to see a 5% discount applied. Upon testing, the discount appears correctly, validating the feature for this region.
    • Mumbai: We anticipate a 10% discount by changing the location to Mumbai. The application updates accordingly, demonstrating its responsiveness to location changes.
    • Tokyo: Setting the location to Tokyo should show a 15% discount. As we test, the discount is applied successfully, indicating the feature's accuracy.
    • Amsterdam: The expected discount in Amsterdam is 20%. We verify this, and the application reflects the discount appropriately.
    • London: Finally, we switch to London, where the discount should be 25%. The test confirms that the application adjusts the discount as expected.

This demonstration with BrowserStack Live's Geolocation feature showcases its effectiveness in testing location-based functionalities. For, we successfully validated that the location-based discount feature works seamlessly across various global locations. This capability of BrowserStack Live is invaluable for businesses aiming to provide personalized user experiences based on geographical data.

Embrace Geolocation Testing

Ready to ensure your web application resonates well with your global audience? Try BrowserStack Live now and leverage the Geolocation feature for comprehensive testing.