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Do You Also Have A Vault Of Mobile Devices? Explore The Power Of Browserstack App Live For Manual Testing

03-01-2024 door Roy de Kleijn

For software developers and QA teams, a significant challenge often encountered is the wide variety of physical mobile devices to test applications effectively across different platforms. BrowserStack App Live is the solution to this issue, eliminating the necessity of maintaining a physical collection of mobile devices and offering a more efficient method for application testing.

What is BrowserStack App Live?

BrowserStack App Live is a cloud-based platform that offers manual testing capabilities for mobile applications. It enables developers and testers to access various real mobile devices over the cloud. This means you can test your mobile applications on many devices without the need to physically own/configure/maintain them.

Key Features of BrowserStack App Live

  1. Real Device Access: BrowserStack App Live provides a comprehensive list of real iOS and Android devices, including the latest models and operating systems. This ensures that applications are tested under conditions that closely mimic real-world usage.
  2. Instant Availability: You do not need to wait to access these devices. With a few clicks, you can start testing your application on any device available in the BrowserStack cloud.
  3. Interactive Testing Environment: The platform allows for interactive manual testing. You can install your app, interact with it, and even simulate gestures or device orientations just as you would on a physical device.
  4. Debugging Tools: BrowserStack App Live comes equipped with a suite of debugging tools. You can inspect elements, and view console logs, and network requests to troubleshoot issues effectively.
  5. Integration with Development Tools: The platform integrates seamlessly with various development and testing tools, making it easier for teams to incorporate them into their existing workflows.

Benefits of Using BrowserStack App Live

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Maintaining a large inventory of mobile devices is expensive. BrowserStack App Live eliminates this need and provides a more cost-effective solution.
  • Increased Productivity: Testers and developers have instant access to every device, leading to a more efficient testing process and faster time-to-market for applications.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Testing on real devices ensures the findings are accurate and reliable, reflecting real user experiences.
  • Global Accessibility: Being a cloud-based platform, it can be accessed from anywhere worldwide, facilitating remote working and collaboration across distributed teams.

Try It Out Now

Ready to streamline your mobile app testing process? Don’t wait! Sign up for a new account on BrowserStack App Live today and say goodbye to the cumbersome and costly process of maintaining a physical device lab. With immediate access to a wide range of real mobile devices, your testing workflow will be more efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with real-user experiences.


BrowserStack App Live is a powerful tool for manually testing mobile applications. It effectively addresses the challenge of testing on various devices and provides a practical, efficient, cost-effective solution. By using this platform, teams can ensure their applications perform flawlessly across all devices without maintaining a physical 'vault' of mobile devices. Whether you're a solo developer or part of a large QA team, BrowserStack App Live streamlines your mobile app testing process, making it an indispensable tool in the world of mobile app development.