Advent Calendar 2023

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1 dec
Choosing the Right Layer for Test Automation
2 dec
Start with Clear Goals
3 dec
Version Control
4 dec
Start Small
5 dec
Parallel Execution
6 dec
Test Data Management
7 dec
Training and Knowledge Sharing
8 dec
Test Early and Often
9 dec
Use Wait Wisely
10 dec
Cross-Browser Testing
11 dec
Maintainable Test Scripts
12 dec
Continuous Integration
13 dec
Data-Driven Testing
14 dec
Code Reviews
15 dec
Mock External Services
16 dec
Collaborate and Communicate
17 dec
Avoid Over-Automation
18 dec
Use of AI and ML
19 dec
Mobile Testing
20 dec
Treat Test Automation as Code
21 dec
Error Handling
22 dec
23 dec
Performance Testing
24 dec
Regular Maintenance